The Challenge

Peoria is a great city with many wonderful things about it! We have our big problems just like many other cities until they addressed them.

Peoria has record liabilities ($330 M Public Safety Pension, $150M plus in Combined Storm Water settlement, Pere Marquette about $40M, ….) population loss of about 10,000 and declining City revenues, and has one of the highest property tax rates in the state.

We must grow our way out of the biggest challenges we are facing.

We can no longer keep raising taxes and fees on our people and businesses. (And btw., I have voted, No, to raising property, sales, and gas taxes and, a No vote on Storm Water Utility and Pension Fees.)

We need new Pro Growth Policy and action to stimulate our economy

As mayor I will put forth the biggest effort ever made in Peoria to helping our Peoria businesses grow and expand employees. When we help all of our businesses grow and expand that will result in thousands of new jobs and millions of dollars in revenue.

I will also have record number of outreach programs to create internships and with a special focus on under-represented communities.

Financial Discipline

I will get our city’s financial house in order by focusing on delivering basic city services: Police, Fire and Public Works. I will work with our city council and community to prioritize projects and services and work with all city departments to continue to find ways to do things cheaper, faster and better for our tax payers. And we must keep it within our budget.

I will release my plan that outlines addressing our public safety pension and other major liabilities.

Guarding our People

I will be committed to guarding our people in our neighborhoods and visitors throughout Peoria. 

Attacking crime takes a multidimensional approach. Adding police officers is just one component.

  • Create a neighborhood-by-neighborhood plan and rating to address all of the “Broken Windows” in neighborhoods. My approach includes working with Community Development and Neighborhood leaders to resolve the issues.
  • We must continue to create neighborhood associations and ensure they are all functioning. We also need to create or revive neighborhood watch programs, and utilize programs like the Ring Door Bell on every door step, that can deter crime and certainly be a source to identify the offenders. 
  • I would like to explore the idea of using more precinct offices in areas of high crime as well as one more in the North West part of Peoria.
  • I would like to see 2 police officers in a car in high crime neighborhoods so that a team approach is used for safety. 
  • We need to explore more options such as video camera technology.