Jim’s Vision for Peoria

There are many great attributes about Peoria, and we must work to maintain those advantages such as the current quality of life. Peoria is a great place to raise a family where home ownership is affordable in many different types of neighborhoods across the city. And it only takes 15 minutes to get anywhere in Peoria. 15 minutes to get to work, your kid’s school, the places you shop, restaurants, and entertainment.

Peoria is a community with caring citizens who take the lead in solving problems alongside city government and who support one another in improving quality of life for all in our city. 

The City of Peoria is a city where diversity and inclusion is part of all our planning process. 

Protecting and preserving the many unique neighborhoods and their individual characteristics. 

Peoria is a regional location for medical services, and we want to continue to support this growth and its supply chain.  

Peoria is recognized as a regional destination for retail, restaurants, art, and entertainment. And a place where the people are friendly and helpful.